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1. Sign up as a judge below.

2. Receive emails and text alerts when someone is hiring forensics judges in your area for middle school, high school, or college tournaments.

3. Accept the judging positions you want, ignore the ones you don't.

4. Show up and judge.

5. Get paid $100 every time you judge, paid via Venmo, Cash App, or check by mail.

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We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to join our judging pool. High quality judging is the backbone of a respectable forensics tournament.

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Judging Golden Rules:

  1. Be on time, all the time. Don't be late to check in and make absolutely sure you're not holding up the tournament. It is imperative that tournament administrators love the people they get from HiredJudge.com.

  2. Don't miss ballots/communicate with ballot table. When you get there, get the phone number of someone on ballot table. If any issue arises (a competitor is so late that it keeps you from getting back on time) text the ballot table, and let them know. Do not miss ballots. 

  3. Give constructive feedback. The worst ballot is the empty ballot. Give as much feedback as you can. Make the community better. That is the role the judge plays. Nothing is worse than getting a ballot and not knowing why you got beat. Even if it was really tough, and even if you think they were stellar, it's crucial you explain how they can improve. 

  4. Judging is a performance. It is important to the integrity of a tournament that everyone feels they are in capable judge hands. Never ask a competitor, or a parent, or an audience member what the rules are to an event that you are judging. Ask the tournament director or ballot table outside of the presence of any competitors, parents, or coaches.